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Never lose a client to poor sales management ever again! Easily manage your sales, quotes, and orders from one intuitive dashboard.

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Manage All Your Sales From One Place

Manage every aspect of your business sales from one place. Get sales updates on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Monitor your sales, leads and accounts from a single comprehensive dashboard.

Access Your Clients’ Information

Easily view and control the details of all your clients. Create user accounts and edit existing user information, manage your contacts, and do a lot more from anywhere – with a single tool.

Assign Roles And Get Work Done Faster

Add as many users as needed to make the job easier. Assign various roles and permissions easily. Modify role descriptions, and manage their statuses from anywhere.

Sales Management Made Easy… Manage Your Business Sales With Ease

Sales AI Makes It Super Easy For You To Manage Your Sales

Sales AI lets you run your business on autopilot. Automate your sales management and generate detailed reports about your sales orders, invoices, quotes, and leads.


Sales AI monitors your sales performance like a coach and lets you know whether you are on track. Get real time reports about every sales activity you make, make smarter decisions, and manage your business’s general sales more efficiently.

Monitor Your Business From Your Favorite Apps

Automate Your Business Sales And Get Things Done Faster Save valuable time by automating repetitive and boring sales processes. Create users and assign tasks in a few clicks, easily switch priorities and alert your team on what to focus on. Set reminders for activities, get notified about every important action, and do a lot more - with a single tool.

Communicate With Your Team And Clients In Real-Time

Never miss a single piece of feedback ever again. Invite clients to communicate with you and discuss their projects right inside the tool. Invite your team members to discuss individual tasks. You can also use the built-in messenger to communicate with both your clients and team members in real-time!

Sales AI helps you simplify your tedious sales management tasks

The Smartest Way To Manage Your Sales

Use One Tool To Keep All Your Clients Happy

CRM AI is a complete business management solution. With a SaaS license, you can rebrand it, adjust all branding elements, and offer all its amazing features to your audience on your terms – Without writing a single line of code!

Manage Your Sales From One Place

Access a wide range of easily customizable features in one place. Switch from feature to feature with fluidity from one single dashboard. Get an overview of your invoices, quotes and sales order- all under one roof.

Save Money And Achieve More

Carry out tasks that would normally take hours; in mere minutes! Assign your contacts and manage your opportunities, client accounts, and product lists with a single tool that helps you do more with less resources.

Manage Your Payments Easily

Get paid for work done, fast. Integrate several payment options for diverse clients and make the payment process stress-free. Easily safeguard your clients’ payment by using Stripe, PayPal, Flutterwave, and more.

Get Instant Notifications

Integrate the Twilio app and never miss an important notification again. Get notified when tasks or orders are completed and get notifications about meetings and new orders sent to your mobile phone via text.

Resolve Issues On Time

Keep your clients happy and coming back for more. Easily resolve queries from the Salesy tool. Open cases and assign queries to the customer support team. Place priority on pressing queries and monitor the statuses of each complaint.

Stay On Top Of Your Events

Never miss an important meeting again! Schedule your meetings, run them through your calendar, and get reminders about upcoming meetings. This way, you’ll always be prepared to deliver your best at meetings.


Say Goodbye To Missing Sales, Wasting Time, And Losing Clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the MEJ Sales AI identify and prioritize potential leads or prospects?
The MEJ Sales AI identifies and prioritizes potential leads or prospects through advanced lead scoring models that analyze various factors such as demographic information, online behavior, and historical interactions to determine the likelihood of conversion.
In Sales AI, is it possible to configure Webhook Settings?

Certainly! In Sales AI, you can access the Webhook Settings feature under the settings menu. This allows you to configure and manage webhooks for your Sales AI system.

What kind of support are you offering?

If you need any help with our product, just email us at [email protected]. Alternatively you can raise a ticket here

Is there a system in place for creating events and tasks based on a calendar?

Yes, a Sales AI system offers the option to mark events, create tasks, and schedule meetings. Additionally, users can integrate their Google Calendar ID and JSON file to sync the calendar with the Sales AI system, enabling seamless management of events and tasks.

Is it possible to preview and edit the templates of invoices, quotes and emails in Sales AI?

Yes, it is possible to preview and edit the templates of invoices and emails in Sales AI. You can customize the templates to your liking. Additionally, we have created tutorials on how to do this, which can be found on the MEJ Labs Channel.

What payment methods does Sales AI offer

Sales AI offers a variety of globally recognized payment methods including PayPal, Stripe, Bank Transfer, Paystack, Flutter wave, Skrill, Coin gate, and many others.

Do you have any in-app messenger feature that can help us stay updated without any disturbances?

Yes, we do have an in-app messenger feature that allows you to easily communicate and stay updated without any disturbances. It’s a convenient way to stay connected and informed within the app.

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Sales Management Made Easy… Manage Your Business Sales With Ease

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