MEJ Sales AI

The “Users” tab in Sales AI allows users to create and manage individuals who can access the dashboard and perform various assigned tasks. Creating a new user is a straightforward process. By clicking on the plus icon, users can input details such as the username, name, title, phone number, gender, and login credentials (email and password), and assign specific rules to the user. Additionally, users can choose the author of the user’s file before finalizing the creation of the user account.

Once the user is added, their details are displayed in the user’s log, providing information such as the assigned rules, login history (including IP address, login times, and country), and device details. This log offers a comprehensive overview of user activity and access within the system.

Users have the flexibility to view and manage users in both grid and list views, and they can make modifications using the editing and column selection features. This functionality provides a user-friendly interface for managing user accounts within the Sales AI system.

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