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Today’s discussion revolves around the submenus of the “Constant” section within the Sales AI platform. The tutorial begins with an exploration of contact types, such as temporary or permanent, demonstrating the process of naming and saving these types. The tutorial then proceeds to lead source, opportunity stage, and case type, showcasing the similar process of creating and saving names for each type.

Furthermore, the tutorial highlights the creation of shipping provider and task stage, emphasizing the simplicity of naming these elements. The overview underscores the significance of these constant types, as they are utilized in various forms and sections within the platform. For instance, creating a contact type enables its use in the contact section, while defining an opportunity stage type allows its utilization in the opportunity tab.

This comprehensive overview provides valuable insights into the functionality of constant types within the Sales AI platform, showcasing their relevance and application across different sections. Thank you for joining us for this instructional session.

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