MEJ Sales AI

Today’s session is dedicated to understanding the call tab within the sales chain, specifically focusing on the process of creating a sales call. To initiate the creation of a sales call, one must begin by clicking on the “create” option. Subsequently, various details need to be input, such as the call’s name, status (planned, held, not held), start and end dates, call type (inbound or outbound), and its association with leads, opportunities, contacts, or cases. Additionally, the call needs to be assigned to a specific user and accounts, and a description of the sales call should be provided. Furthermore, attendees, including users and contacts, need to be assigned to the call.

By following these steps, a comprehensive sales call list can be created within the sales aid platform. This tutorial aims to provide valuable insights into the process of building a sales call, empowering users with the necessary information to effectively utilize this feature.

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